Mike Semanoff

Mike Semanoff’s unscripted life has taken him from Recon missions with the 82nd airborne, to skydiving into high profile events, rubbing elbows with celebrities, soaring the skies under a paraglider, and being a proud father of 3. His diverse background has paved the way for a successful career as a publicist in the outdoor industry and is currently the VP of CMPR Outdoors.

Mike got into the adventurous life at the age of 9 under the close guidance of his father. Growing up packing parachutes, jumping off bridges, rappelling, and SCUBA diving is what put his life of adventure into motion. Mike is currently a PRO-rated tandem skydive instructor, advanced tandem paragliding instructor, editor of Paragliding News, and founder of skydive demonstration team Inspiration RX. Mike is also a brand ambassador for KUHL Clothing, SOFlete, LALO Tactical, and Team Wendy.

Professionally, Mike works full-time as the VP of CMPR outdoors which manages the PR & Marketing of several top brands in the gun industry. At any given time, Mike can be found coordinating media, producing client videos, or managing media events all over the country.

Mike currently resides in Orem UT with his wife Holly Semanoff and has 3 adventurous children under the age of 12.