My dad and I got to kick off December with a helicopter jump that was put on by my friends Will Page and Andrew Heywood.  When I talked to Andrew about the jump he mentions I got to jump for free as a celebration of veterans day (original was delayed dues to weather).  Nobody in their right mind would refuse a free heli jump even if its a freezing cold December morning. It ended up being a great opportunity to get out with my dad and reconnect with friends.

Since my dad retired and moved to Utah a few years back, I’ve been trying to connect more by doing things we both love. Since I grew up around him at the DZ, jumping as always been a common denominator in our relationship and is something we both enjoy doing together. With my crazy schedule, it’s been more difficult to get together then I would like. As I get older and seeing my kids grow up and watching my dad get older, I’m re-evaluating what’s important.  I enjoy my work but its a never ending process with little meaning outside of the good relationships I’ve developed and a paycheck. Money comes and goes but the memories and bonds built with my family last forever. I’m finding a balance with my family / professional / recreational life and I’m looking forward to more times like these where unique photo ops and memories are forged in forever.