Growing up I’ve always had an organized fitness regime from high school athletics, college football, military, and then running track for UVU. After college sports my wife and I got into fitness competitions and even scored a couple magazine spreads in the process. Fitness has never been a problem, until my mid to late 30’s where my profession had me spending a large portion of my day at a desk or traveling. This sitting for long periods of time tightened up my hip flexors leading to back and knee pain, which made it uncomfortable to train or do cardio. This combined with restaurant food while traveling and missed gym time has added up to about 10-15 lbs of additional fat and probably a loss of 10-15 lbs of muscle. So there has been a shift in body composition that I haven’t been comfortable with.

Starting about 2 weeks ago I’ve felt the need to dial in my physical fitness routine and actually take it seriously. Here are a few of the tools I’ve put in place to help me stay on track and deal with the aches and pains of being over 40 and in my current workflow.

Soflete provides an easy to follow fitness program that provides structure and accountability to my time in the gym.  Every morning I pull up the SOFlete app and follow the days workout. Their fitness program has me doing different exercise then I typically do which has me working harder and keeps my body adapting to the stresses I’m placing on it.  Following this routine has me warming up, working out, doing cardio, and then stretching every day. In the past 2weeks I’ve already experienced a decrease in body pain, increase in strength, stamina, and flexibility.  The weight on the scale has been staying about the same but I’ve already noticed a big difference in body composition when looking in the mirror.

Soflete also has a supplement line that I have been using every day.  When I’m headed to the gym I’ll get a pre-workout drink mixed up and I load the funnel with their intra-workout drink to sip on between sets.  After the gym I’ll have their protein shake to get something in my body right away and hold me over while I shower and make up an actual meal. A few times a week I’ll mix up a TBNN (Teddy Bear Night Night) to help recover after a particularly hard workout day and to help me get a full night sleep.  The TBNN works like a dream when I need to get some sleep and recover at the same time.

My Fitness Pal
I know what’s good food to eat and what Isn’t going to support my fitness goals but unless I’m consciously logging what I’m eating, I’ll eat whatever I want. I found the My Fitness Pal on the recommendation from a few friends. This app is super easy to use and hits me with reminders to log my meals and it tracks my macros and other nutrients so I can maintain proper ratios for my goal.  So far I’m on a 14 day streak of logging everything I eat and its making a huge impact on what I choose to put in my mouth.

The key for me will be consistently following the program and keeping my nutrition on track. The task is super easy when I’m not traveling or on remote projects.  I still cant get myself to hit the gym or run when I’m on work trips but I’m working on that.  Hotel gyms suck and sweating up the clothing I packed makes my luggage stink.  At least that’s the excuse I’ve used to be lazy on the road.  If I keep traveling the way I do I’ll have to change that mindset pretty quick.  If you have any tricks for fitness on the road, be sure to pass them on and I’ll give it a shot.