December Helicopter Skydive With Dad

My dad and I got to kick off December with a helicopter jump that was put on by my friends Will Page and Andrew Heywood.  When I talked to Andrew about the jump he mentions I got to jump for free as a celebration of veterans day (original was delayed dues to weather).  Nobody in their right mind would refuse a free heli jump even if its a freezing cold December morning. It ended up being a great opportunity to get out with my dad and reconnect with friends. Since my dad retired and moved to Utah a few years back, I've been trying to connect more by doing things we both love. Since I grew up around him at the DZ, jumping as always been a common denominator in [...]

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My Post 40 Fitness Plan

Growing up I’ve always had an organized fitness regime from high school athletics, college football, military, and then running track for UVU. After college sports my wife and I got into fitness competitions and even scored a couple magazine spreads in the process. Fitness has never been a problem, until my mid to late 30’s where my profession had me spending a large portion of my day at a desk or traveling. This sitting for long periods of time tightened up my hip flexors leading to back and knee pain, which made it uncomfortable to train or do cardio. This combined with restaurant food while traveling and missed gym time has added up to about 10-15 lbs of additional fat and probably a loss of 10-15 lbs of muscle. So [...]

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Cambodian Jump Wings

I’m sitting on a plane remembering a Thailand / Cambodia trip in did with my dad a few year back.  My pop stays young by jumping out of airplanes with foreign militaries, earning foreign jump wings.  On this particular trip we were of to get our Thai Special Forces HALO jump wings and then head to Cambodia to do the same with their Special Forces units. This was my first time doing anything international other then my time in the military and I was looking forward to some adventure with my dad. When we landed in Bangkok we jumped in a cab and made our way to the hotel which was about 45 minutes away.  We really didn’t know where we were going and we were pretty sure (not 100%) [...]

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Getting Started

I've never really had much of a journal even thought my dad has constantly harped on me to keep one.  Now after 39 years, 3 kids, and so many amazing life experiences later, I finally see the importance of keeping some kind of record of my life. So this blog is going to be past experiences and lessons learned, current events in my life, random thoughts, and future aspirations.  It's really going to be a free / for all mind dump whenever I feel inclined to write.  My thoughts, experiences, successes, failures, and random life stuff, published mainly for my family and kids to check out sometime down the road. Who knows.. maybe this will be an interesting story for my kids or grand kids someday.

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